Author = M.H Eskandari
Number of Articles: 7
2. Glycation of nisin with glucose, Lactose and dextran and investigation of its inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli and Salmonella Typhimurium

Volume 8, 4 (32), Winter 2019, Pages 67-75

M. Hashempour Sadeghian; N. Kazemipour; S. Shekarforoush; M. H. Eskandari

3. Application of ozone for reducing the microbial count of mechanically deboned chicken meat

Volume 8, 3 (31), Summer 2018, Pages 23-35

M. H. Eskandari; S. hasheminasab; M. niakosari; S. Shekarforoush

4. Comparison of antibacterial activity of four cultivars of olive (Olea europaea) leaf extract on Bacillus cereus

Volume 5, 2 (18), Summer 2015, Pages 41-52

M Abbasvali; M Esmaeili Koutamehr; H Moshtaghi; M.H Eskandari

5. Effect of different processing stages of commercial fruit leather on patulin reduction

Volume 4, 3 (15), Autumn 2014, Pages 51-62

M.H Eskandari; M , Montaseri; GH Mesbahi; A TaheriYaganeh; M Niakousari; S Karami

6. Introduction and comparison of measurement methods of antifungal properties of lactic acid bacteria in cheese

Volume 3, 4 (12), Winter 2014, Pages 9-21

H Sedaghat; M.H Eskandari; M Moosavi-Nasab; S.S Shekarforoush; M.A Hanifpour