Aims and Scope

The Goals and Prospects of the Journal

Journal of Food Hygiene publishes «original articles», «short research» notes having outstanding innovations, and major «review papers» in the area of health and safety of the foodstuff.

This general goal encompasses the studies that focus on the prevalence rate of foodborne microbial pathogens as well as the natural and artificial factors affecting the control of the growth and toxin production of the mentioned microbes in lab and food models. Moreover, the other goals of the journal include studying dangerous chemical factors such as the study of pollution and ways of the entrance of heavy metals, pesticides, medical residues, and antibiotics into the food.

The ultimate prospect of the journal of Food Hygiene is the promotion of appropriate scientific communication, cooperation among the universities and research and development centers in the area of food science, and the creation of a suitable environment for the exchange of thoughts and information in the area of food hygiene among the academic and industrial centers of the country.