Volume & Issue: Volume 2, 4 (8) - Serial Number 8, Winter 2013 
2. Study on the overview on food borne bacteria in food with animal origin in Iran; Part three: seafood

Pages 15-32

S.S Shekarforoush; S.M Razavi Rohani; G karim; S.M.M Kiaie; N Rokni; M Abbasvali

5. Determination of lead, mercury and cadmium concentrations in different organs of Barbus grypus and Liza abu of Karoon River in 2011

Pages 53-60

A ghorbani ranjbary; N ghorbani ranjbary; Z ghorbani ranjbary; M.H Marhamatizadeh; P Cheraghi

6. Production of low fat hamburger using hydrocolloid coatings

Pages 61-70

Z Farajzadeh; E Rahimi; M Hojjatoleslamy; H Molavi